Qarabağ İnformasiya Agentliyi _ QIA.AZ - Qarabağ İnformasiya Agentliyi

QIA.AZ – Karabakh Information Agency 2020

QIA.AZ – The Karabakh Information Agency

Qarabağ İnformasiya Agentliyi _ QIA.AZ - Qarabağ İnformasiya Agentliyi
QIA.AZ – Qarabağ İnformasiya Agentliyi

The Karabakh Information Agency began its activities on June 26, 2020 and is a media organization conducting an independent information policy. The QIA.AZ website, which operates under the Karabakh Information Agency, provides readers with interesting news about the public, political, social and cultural life of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as other news in the Caucasus and around the world. In addition, the site contains interviews, analytics, reports and works of authorship in various fields. The media do not discriminate against any political or social group and broadcast news completely objectively and independently, without comment. Along with the creative team of the editorial board, readers can also take an active part in the work of this media project. There is a hotline in the editorial office and on the website, through which readers have the opportunity to promptly inform the editorial office about current events. The creative team of the QIA.AZ information portal invites all state bodies, political parties, NGOs and law enforcement agencies operating in Azerbaijan to actively cooperate.

QIA.AZ – The “Karabakh Information Agency” LLC.

Founder: Ragif LAÇINLI (Mammadov)

General Director: Seyfur Hajimuradov

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