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Our Services

IT and WEB services

Hosting – Rent/Setup/Audit/Transfer

VPS – Rent/Setup/Audit/Transfer

Server – Rent/Setup/Audit/Transfer

Domain – more than 400

SSL Certificates

Corporate email

Formating – Windows, Linux, Mac + License

Writing programs + License

Writing Antiviruses + License

IT Support

Programming services.

App for Android

App for iOS

Website development / Audit

CMS – Management system portal/site

Checking Sites (Code/SEO/Virus)

CRM Company/service management system

Design services

Banner design


Web design

App design

Interior design

Exterior design

SMM banner / post design

Marketing services

SEM / SEO and Local SEO

SMM (social media marketing)

Email Marketing

Advertising (SMS, Teaser, Text, Video)

Banner Ads

Reputation management

Digital Marketing

Consulting services

Business Analytics and Development

Business Automation

Building a business structure

IT Consulting


Management services

Social Media Management SMM

Management services

Virtual Assistant